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About Myself:

I am a pit stop.


He needed some fuel.

The feeling inside grips you tight.

It controls you. 





I want you to check my profile; to see my face.

What does your face look like.



Can’t finish?

Now you strike with your repulsed smile.

Which makes understanding clear.



The reaction. 

Do you understand this so far? Me neither. 

I think of my art and these indefinite installations as checklists. Checklists I create based on experiences, gas runs, and just everything around me; bad and good. I always ask myself is making art about bad things bad art? 

In a summary of it all, life (society) kinda sucks, and I hope you are at least nodding your head a little in agreement. I get reminded every day with things I see, feel, and hear on the news or in my own life. Then I get inspired. We are living in this world. A world of selling, to someone, may the be selling yourself, ideas, women, food, or material things. This fast paced “get’er done” world. A corrupt thinking world. A Trump ruled world. A consumerism and need based world. This need controlled by our desires, but also controlled by them; the store owners, friends, parents, the marketers, the sellers, the advertisers. It is everywhere.

Advertisers. Advertising lets say is interesting, which can mean good or bad.  I am interested however, in the use of different unusual products to show how advertising, marketing, and even a performative lecture can be very manipulative to give you a false sense of what you need in our world by stimulating desires through sensory clues and other forms of suggestion through the words that I chose and the positive reactions to my own creations. 

My work is an examination of this all: of consumerism, of accessibility, of advertisements, manipulation, relationships, of things I identify with or we identify with as consumers, and of these checklists I create in my mind.