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Because it is ultimately all about the choices we make.




Richmond, VA  |  kattmccrory@gmail.com

I am interested in a ton of things, advertising and manipulation being one. sucked right into what they were selling and nodding my head in belief. Those fake actors trying to sell me the best soap or car insurance. Then I said "yep", advertising is pretty manipulative. How companies try to sell us things we don't need or use and don't end up really selling anything at all; (Infomercials). That being said I am fascinated by it all. Fascinated by the process, tools and ideas of advertising. Advertising and selling in more ways than just products in selling yourself, bodies and sex. But I have learned in the end it is always the choice you make, those three or more paths , which one will you choose? 

     So I started making videos, sound, and installations around it all. And don't worry, I am still working on it. 

A few clients I have brought to Valpak RVA and created designs for in 2019.

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