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March 2018

"Yoga is uncomfortable". With this frequent saying, I was thinking about a lot of things with yoga, being a teacher myself and also with advertising how most models may feel uncomfortable with poses they have to hold. With thinking of all of this, I created this satire commercial. Underlining themes of millennials, consumerism, advertising, levi jean ads, and yoga instagrams. 


For this project, I was interested in playing with how commercials need to be perfect and clean cut, by the use of non scripted material, bad overlays, and overall bad videoing. With this I played with the use of text, hashtags and subtitle like text explaining the portion of the video. With the use of hashtags showing how instagrammers, especially on this topic of Yogi instagrammers hashtag everything. 


Yoga, like a lot of "new" things year to year, has become a trend. A BIG one. Do people even know the meaning of yoga, the history when they post #yogaismylife ? It is interested how something can become so popular and turn into a brand. Most people (not everyone) have taken yoga and used it as a life tool, self help, and more.