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Going on road trips with family and with others has been interesting. Driving long distances. The conversations, the fights (many), the grossness of how you feel; dirty. Staring endlessly out the window. Was I looking for something, were you? Was I hoping for something? Longing? Day dreaming? Looking for the bright signs of hope as my stomach rumbles: McDonald's, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Subway. For my parents was it that bright sign of Shell or Sunoco that lit up there eyes on only 10 more miles of gas. Or was it both?

It is interesting to me these tools of consumerism, a way companies use the colour and the bright lights to ignite a burning sensation to consume, that feeling of need over coming you, your body, your mind. 

Every sign we pass:

"Oh, wanna stop at Taco Bell?"  

      "Lets stop at Dairy Queen"

"There's Chick-fil-A, we are stopping, do you wanna?"

He says with either determination to hear a yes or with sarcasm, but still hoping to say yes.

How have we, as society let consumerism take over, letting us drive right to it. Literally.

I want to feed into it but the other side of my mind says no, stop, so I decided to create.

The pit stop is about consumerism, manipulation- sales manipulating you into something you don't need, tacky advertising, and the idea of a pit stop, getting it done, the stress and anxiety but also the art of it all and the ritualistic reality that we go through on road trips, stopping at the same places, having the same fights, feeling those gross sensations, knowing where the best price of gas is--(now they even have apps for it), and staring out that same window at what?


I still don't know what I want. 

The pit stop.

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